Conservation work is conducted in a secured state of the art conservation lab using both traditional techniques and the most current conservation equipment available to the field.  All conservation treatments, materials, and techniques meet conservation standards as practiced by the  American Institute for Conservation.   During preliminary examination of the artifact with the customer all conservation treatment options are discussed with the client as well as the length of time to complete the work and the associated costs.  Once a course of action is agreed to, the client signs an Approval for Conservation Treatment.  All treatment is performed in the lab.  Clients are provided with both written and photographic documentation recording the state of the artifact before, during and after treatment and identifying all materials and techniques used.

Clients are notified when treatment is completed and are requested to pick-up artifacts within 10 days.  Payment is due at this time.  

For larger and or lengthier projects, an advance of 1/4 the estimated cost is expected at the time of approval.


Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Instruction:  With over 30 years of speaking and teaching experience in the US and abroad, Sonja Jordan-Mowery conducts basic and advanced workshops in bookbinding, the history of the book, book and paper conservation, exhibition planning and installation, and disaster planning and recovery.  These workshops are tailored to meet the needs of educational programs, art communities, and cultural heritage institutions.

Conservation Assessments & Survey:   Whether you are an individual collector, a book dealer or an institution, a conservation assessment and survey is critical in understanding how the collection is aging due to inherent material byproducts, storage, use, and environmental conditions. BookConserve Reports provide detailed description of the physical condition of the collection, including environmental conditions, housing and storage, and potential degradation.  Conservation assessments and surveys include photographic documentation and recommendations for a course of action where needed.

Book Conservation: From rare books to family Bibles, period bindings to historic photo albums, scrapbooks, or children's illustrated books, Bookconserve provides a wide scope of conservation and restoration services to ensure the useful life if your artifacts. 

Parchment & Paper Conservation: This category of material includes handwritten manuscripts either on paper or parchment, archival materials, personal letters, documents, and maps.  Many of these items may have been rolled or folded and have had staples or other materials appended to them.  These everyday habits weaken the primary support and often damaging the information to are trying ti preserve.  Proper methods for undoing the damage and conserving the document for use are available.

Art on Paper Conservation:: Art on paper includes a wide range of formats from illuminated manuscripts, prints & drawings, historic wallpaper, watercolors, pastels, mixed media on paper,  Chinese paintings on pith, lithographs, photogravure, and photographs.  Each of these items requires specific analysis of material and technique for appropriate conservation. 

Ephemera: Postcards, hotel decals, birthday cards, and game tickets are artifacts from our celebrations, travels and moments in our lives.  Ephemera such as these are often made from cheaper materials and stored in the least favorable environments such as boxes in attics and basements.  Memories such as these can be conserved and restored.  


  • examination, testing, & analysis of artifacts for repair
  • research & identification of media, manufacturer & techniques of an artifact
  • dry cleaning to remove surface dirt and debris
  • stain reduction & removal  
  • water damage and mold remediation
  • insect damage 
  • removal of old mending repairs, tape, adhesive residue, and other accretions
  • repair of tears and losses
  • refurbishing of bindings, correcting distorted covers
  • deacidification of acidic books & papers
  • restoration of leather, cloth, paper or vellum books and manuscripts
  • cleaning, flattening and repair of all art on paper
  • custom housing for books, papers, archival materials, maps